Wine And Beer Gift Ideas

The holiday season always seems to creep up on us long before we’ve even begun to start planning and purchasing gifts for our loved ones. This year, plan to do all your holiday gift shopping online. You’ll save yourself the long store lines, impulse purchases, and last-minute decisions. Read on for the full list of gifts to get for your 21+ family and friends.

The Craft Beer Fanatic

Our reusable stainless steel growler is an easy choice for craft beer geeks. The double-wall vacuum insulated technology also keeps their beer cold when traveling home from a long-distance beer run. (Psst…this growler also keeps water icy cold during long soccer tournaments.)

The Poolside Travel Bug

All a pool deck requires is a bathing suit, sunglasses, and a drink in your hand. The Imperial Pint Tumbler and larger, 14oz Vino2Go are shatter-proof and spill-proof, which makes them the perfect drink accessory. Keep bugs out of your drink, and don’t get yelled at by the lifeguard for having glass near the pool. Plus, order the larger sizes so you don’t have to get out of your pool chair too often.

The Person Who Brings Adult Beverages On Picnics

We all have that one friend, and to be honest we’re pretty grateful for them. Gift this person a Brew2Go and a Vino2Go to they are prepared for any picnic opportunity. The lids keep bugs out while you’re drinking, and the acrylic material means they won’t shatter on the hike back to the car. Can you ask for anything more?

The Adventurer

This friend probably owns their own tent and super-compact hammock. Treat them to an improved camping experience with a stainless steel beer howler. They will be able to get their favorite craft beer out into the wilderness. A passivated stainless interior means that your beer will taste the way it’s meant to.

The Patio Fiend

Spending lazy afternoons on the patio is the most underrated hobby. Get your patio-loving friend a set of stemless wineglasses that won’t shatter when they get bumped off the table. These durable stemless tumblers are tough and anything but flimsy. Opt for a stainless stemless wine glass for the friend who loves chilled white wine – the vacuum insulated technology will keep it cold.

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