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About Us

Thermo Steel is one of the largest suppliers of beverage containers in the United States.

For over 25 years, we have manufactured and distributed millions of drink containers focusing primarily on the promotional and advertising specialty markets. Kaiser Group is a privately held company based in Minneapolis with warehouse facilities in Minneapolis and Toronto. Thermo Steel is the Kaiser Group, Inc. brand for drinkware.

Thermo Steel manufactures a wide variety of stainless steel, acrylic, aluminum, glass and ceramic items. Our emphasis is on unique high quality products. We are constantly working on new and innovative designs like the incredibly popular VINO2GO® insulated wine tumbler. Our closely held factory (THEdrinkware Company) has large volume production capacity, many different designs and very competitive pricing. Having our own factory allows us to control all facets of the manufacturing process. Raw materials are carefully inspected to make sure our criteria are met. All parts are made in our factory allowing us to control the quality on a vertical basis. Assembly and inspection are done in house. Quality is a major focus at Thermo Steel. Materials and components are FDA approved and both the CCIB and FDA must pass every shipment. We employ our own inspectors and quality control personnel. Each piece is inspected prior to shipment and  take all of the production from our factory, moving hundreds of containers annually. Some orders are in excess of one million pieces.

Because the decorating process requires very close tolerances, we use the most up to date manufacturing processes, including hydro forming stainless tubing. A comprehensive testing program for all of our products has been implemented in order to comply with many regulations that have come into effect. These tests are available to our customers.

Our customer service is second to none. We work 24/7 in order to give you the best service possible. We have an excellent reputation in the decorating community. New products are always under review. We are very familiar with the ASI market and its requirements and will work with our customers to develop fresh ideas. We have extensive knowledge of the decorating business and can imprint any product. Most items are stocked in our warehouses in large quantities and in the most popular colors. We can also do mixed or full direct containers.


We have large volume production capacity, a wide variety of designs, very competitive pricing and our quality is second to none.

We have the capabilities to supply you with any custom order of stainless, bottles, acrylic or ceramic drinkware. Just send us a sample and we will send you a quote! Minimum order on specialty items is 5,000 pieces.

Below are more details on our main product categories.


Our acrylic line may be the most exciting and innovative line that we carry. When it comes to fun designs, we don’t hold back. The broad range offers conservative to creative designs, and everything in between. The colors, the shapes, the textures- just see for yourself! We are convinced these items are a hit. It is recommended that all stainless and acrylic items be hand washed for longevity.



No other beverage item is quite as sleek as Stainless Steel. It has an art deco feel to it. Our stainless is extremely durable. Our designs are always up to date keeping with the ever changing industry. We offer double wall stainless or plastic liners. Both plastic and stainless tops are available on various products. Not only does stainless drinkware keep beverage hot or cold, they are insulated and durable. It is recommended that all stainless be hand washed for longevity.



Our bottles are the best on the market, in stock and ready to go! We also have products that are innovative, eco-friendly, totally recyclable, and BPA free.



Thermo Steel also offers a line of premium quality dishwasher and microwave safe ceramics. Ceramics continue to be a hot promotional tool. The ease of decorating a top quality mug is second to none.

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